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Xi Jinping begins a state visit to United Arab Emirates

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Why did the "study review" say that President Xi Jinping's visit was unusual?

This will undoubtedly open a new chapter in Sino-Arab relations, and push this strategic partnership to the next level, which is of great significance to the promotion of China's relations with the UAE and the construction of the Gulf "along the way" to promote peace and stability in the Middle East.
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Announcement of public tender for major decision-making consultancy research projects in Guangdong Province in 2018

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The Chinese holding solo exhibition in the Pompidou

In October 2017, the Pompidou, Paris, one of the world's most influential museums of modern art, for the "one hosted A Chinese artist ' s solo exhibition and Academy seminar from Liu Youju.

How many expats were living in Guangzhou in the ' The ' the ' the ' the ' the ' of the ' the '

Guangzhou is one of the top three cities in, as as the "the" of Guangdong province, and more people From overseas are choosing to make the city their home.

Chinese president eyes closer China-eu partnership

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Juncker on Monday, calling for closer partnership, and the Between Union (EU).

s GDP grows 6.8 pct in half of 2018

"s gross domestic product expanded 6.8 percent year" in "the" I half of 2018 to about 41.90 trillion yuan (6 Trillion U.S. dollars), data from National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed Monday.

Hungarian Youth Chorus bonds with Guangzhou counterparts

Voisingers, a famous youth chorus from Hungary, visited Guangzhou on July refined and their singing skills with local C Hoirs.

Japanese Pop Art leader exhibits in Guangzhou

Keiichi Tanaami, 82-years-old and one of postwar Japan ' s leading pop artists, is hailed as a magician to visual images and Known for the absurdity of the fantasy worlds constructed in he work, ranging from paintings, installations to graphic D Esigns.
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